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Congratulations Turtle Patrol Members!

posted: April 15, 2019, 4:36 PM

The Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program held their annual meeting this on April 13 at the town hall.

Welcomed as full-fledged members were last year's " trainees" who have successfully completed all required activities. New trainees for this year were welcomed.

This year's Project and Beach Coordinator will be Pat Cusack with the assistance of John Cifelli, Alice Cusack, Donna McGowan, Curt Bolden and Pete Palermo.

Officers for the year are Tony Marwitz, President, Nikki Hutchison, Secretary and Dave Lurix, Treasurer.

Alice Cusack will provide leadership to the stranding team.

Riders will begin looking for mother turtle tracks in early May.

It's almost Turtle Time.

Photos...2018 trainees that are now members and 2019 new trainees welcomed!

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