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Morning Excitement!

posted: June 13, 2019, 1:14 PM

Tuesday morning June 11 there were some excited people on the beach (including our morning rider). About 6 a.m vacationers from Lovingston, Virginia spotted a momma turtle on the beach. They were able to watch her dig her nest, lay eggs, cover them and then crawl back into the water. Seeing this is daylight (and being able to take photos) is a very rare opportunity! The momma found a great spot and Turtle Patrol members simply covered it with a grate and marked it. This nest should hatch sometime in early August.

Thanks to Amy Shepherd for sharing these photos.

If you see a mother turtle on the beach please do not disturb her. Please call the Turtle Patrol's emergency phone number. If it is dark, please DO NOT take flash photos or shine a light on her.

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