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Sad week!

posted: August 6, 2019, 3:38 PM

Last week was a sad time for turtles and Turtle Patrol members on the beach. We had extremely high tides that flooded the nests. The turtle eggs can take a little water while in the nest, like an occasional high tide that comes in and then leaves, but when water flows into nests and just sits there the eggs are damaged. We lost at least five nests last week to wash over. Many of these nests were on the west end of the beach--which is usually the safest and area least effected by tides. Many of these nests were what we call "natural" nests, left where the momma laid them. She thought they were safe. We thought they were safe. See photo #1.

We also lost some eggs to a fox on the beach. The morning rider and stranding team saw several nests that have been dug into. We have begun putting "fox cages" on the beach. See photo #2. These are metal grates and metal boxes to try to keep the fox out. Fox can smell the eggs and the emerging babies.

There was some good things happening, too! We had nest #104 (record breaking number) laid on August 3. This proves that the nesting season isn't over, yet. We wait two weeks after the last sign of a momma (either new nest or a false crawl) before we consider nesting season over.

We've had great "boils" from other nests and successful closings.

Don't forget the last Children's Turtle Time. Wednesday August 7.

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