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Difficult couple of weeks

posted: September 21, 2019, 2:51 PM

Since the hurricane it has been moments of lost and found. Lost again. Hope and sadness for Turtle Patrol members. We originally thought we had only lost 4 nests during the hurricane. Teams were out on the beach with GPS and shovels looking for nests and uncovering several feet of sand from them. Unfortunately most of the nests left on the beach have not been successful. High tides contributed to the loss of many of these eggs. We were hopeful for Nest #104 (the final nest laid on the beach), this miracle nest was found after the hurricane and dug out, but it has been washed over several times since. We will keep a watch on this nest when it's due date comes--always hope. Nest #103 (see photo) is still potentially viable. It was under two feet of sand. The team has dug a ramp so the baby turtles can get out of the deep pit. It's due date is the middle of next week.

Keep posted for update and final tally on this year. We had a record number of nests (105) but it's estimated we will have lost about twenty nests due to storms and high tides. But still an overall record year.

Photo courtesy of Susan McCaskill Morgan

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