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Think of the turtles on Valentine's Day

posted: February 6, 2021, 4:59 PM

Valentine's Day will be quickly upon us. We wanted to ask that you to not release balloons into the air for the holiday. Remember what goes up, must come down and frequently these balloons will end up in our ocean, where they'll remain as pollution and pose as a huge threat to wildlife for years to come. ⁠The color fades and the string makes it look just like a jellyfish in the water....this is a sea turtles favorite food...a balloon in the stomach can be deadly for a sea turtle.

For more info go to www.BalloonsBlow.org. This group was created to educate others of the issue of balloons as litter & their effects on wildlife & the environment.

There are so many other fun ways to celebrate such as: reusable paper streamers, plants, or even homemade treats!

Photo courtesy of 4ocean.com

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