September 7, 2010

posted: June 25, 2011, 2:08 PM

Well things are winding down. Nest 14 had 89 babies,15 had 128, 17 had 117, 18 had 140, 19 had 91, nest 20 had 115 babies. Nest 21 hatched and had 97, nest 22 had 145,nest 23 had 122 babies hatch. Our Green Turtle nest, nest #24 hatched with 72 babies, with 79 babies out of nest 25 and 97 babies from nest #26. By the end of this week we will be down to our last nest, nest 30. This season has really been very busy and has rushed by. We want to thank everyone that has called us with a stranding or sighting. Thank all of you who came out to the nests and sat with us every night trying to see the babies and thank all of you who made donations to the turtle patrol or bought our T-shirts and helped this be our best sales year ever. We hope to see you all at turtle talk and on the beach next year.

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