September 30, 2010

posted: June 25, 2011, 2:08 PM

Well our last nest has hatched and the busy part of our year is over. That doesn't mean that we are sitting back doing nothing. It is now time to review the season and make changes and adjustments to our program, design next years shirt and repair our equipment. All in all it was a very successful year. We had a total of 31 false crawls with 29 nests with a total of 3502 eggs with 3118 babies making it safely to the water. This gives us an 89.03% hatch rate which is very good. We had three species of sea turtles nest on our beach this year which is a first for us. WE had our usual and most common visitor the Loggerhead, we had one Green Turtle nest and one Leatherback Turtle nest. What a great year. We had another stranding this week of a 4 month old baby Loggerhead that had washed back up on the beach in some seaweed due to the high winds. He was taken to the Turtle Hospital where he was given Soft Shell Crab to eat which he just loved and he was put into his own little tank in a quiet spot where he took a nap and now resides. He was named Seafarer and will hopefully catch a boat ride out to the sargassem when he has regained his strength and can be released. Again we want to thank the town of Holden Beach and all of you who came down on the beach and supported us.

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