First Holden Beach Nest Hatches!

posted: July 21, 2011, 3:59 PM

Finally we have baby turtles! Eighty-seven baby loggerheads emerged last night under the watchful eyes of Turtle Patrol members and a large crowd of vacationers. A few more hatchlings “snuck” out during the night after the patrol members went home. Nest #1 was laid on May 20th and was a natural nest (this means the momma did a great job locating the nest and the Turtle Patrol did not move it.) Since this was a “natural nest” the number of eggs in the nest is unknown. This was day 62 for this nest (a little slower than normal especially in the heat—but our first nest is usually late.) Patrol members will continue to look after this nest for several evenings. We anticipate “trenching” and beginning to watch nests #2 and #3 in a couple of days.

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