Post Hurricane Irene

posted: August 28, 2011, 2:17 PM

Good news! We still have seven nests on Holden Beach. More good news, nest # 24 boiled Saturday night after the storm. Over 12 inches of extra sand was deposited on top of this nest.
The grate, markers and sign from nest #28 (a natural nest) were lost in the storm, but it was found using the GPS and replaced.
Trenches were dug for nests #24 and 25 yesterday. They had to dig down through 6”-8” of sand to find the grate, but it as there for nest #25.
The beach riders report that some of the nests were washed over, but there was not standing water so they think the eggs are still viable.
It has been three weeks since we've had a momma lay a new nest, so we consider that part of the season is finished.
Photos are from nest 27 before and after.

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