We get fan mail!

posted: September 4, 2011, 2:03 PM

Earlier this year we got a letter from a young friend in Sumter, SC.

Dear Turtle Watch Program,
I love what y’all do. I absolutely love animals too. I always thought your jobs are so cool. You once let me hold a turtle egg while on the beach. I am 11 and doing all I can to help the turtles, if I see trash I pick it up on the beach thinking about the turtles. I went to a Turtle Talk and learned that they mistake trash for jelly fish and die. It breaks my heart. Anytime I see an animal on the beach dead I slow dig a hole and bury it. I always fill in my deep holes in the turtle laying season. I once saw a baby turtle tracks going to the sand dunes and wondered what happened. When it is turtle laying season I always turn our porch lights out and do the blinds. I do appreciate what y’all do. Thanks. From Chasity an animal lover!

Thanks Chasity for your letter. Thank you for all you do to help the turtles, we hope others will learn from you.

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