Early October Update - last three nests.

posted: October 3, 2011, 9:18 AM

It’s getting colder on the beach. Nest 28 was finally closed on the evening of the 24th with a total of 16 hatchlings released. This was a very hard luck nest that tried to the end to produce a good hatch. Washed over, washed out, baked in the sun, and then washed over several times again it still managed to produce some hatchlings. We can account for 53 eggs in the nest but it most likely held 70 or more. We found 2 of the eggs that were washed out but are sure there were others that washed out to sea. Officially the nest will be listed with 53 eggs. This can truly be called “the little nest that could”.

Nest 29 was closed on Tuesday night, the 27th, with a total of 101 hatchlings released. There were 109 eggs in the nest.

Nest #30 boiled Saturday night October 1 with some very cold turtles coming out. 40 were safely released into the ocean. Close out is Tuesday night. Sadly this is the last nest of for this year!

Thanks to all who have supported the Turtle Patrol this year!

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