God Speed Holden 3

posted: August 18, 2013, 9:20 AM

This past Thursday was a great day for members of the stranding team from our turtle patrol. One of our own rescued turtles was released by the Karen Beasley Turtle Hospital back into the ocean. Holden III is an injured Green Sea Turtle that was found on Holden Beach last year. Members of our stranding team took the turtle to the turtle hospital. Holden 3 (this was the 3rd turtle named Holden from our beach) had major head injuries and many felt she would not live. But Holden 3 is a survivor!

She had innovative reconstructive surgery at vet school at NC State http://www.cvm.ncsu.edu/news/2012-07-20-Unusual-Surgery-by-CVM-Team-Saves-Injured-Green-Sea-Turtle.html She has been recouperating at the turtle hospital ever since.

Here's a YouTube of Holden swimming in her tank at the hospital.

Members of our turtle patrol have been taking her lettuce and peppers and helping to get her strong for her release.

This is a wonderful story for HBTP! We wish you well Holden 3!

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