And then there were eight

posted: October 2, 2013, 11:02 AM

Nest # 69 at 145 OBW was "collared" last night. The momma turtle laid this nest on August 12. It contains 113 eggs. Its projected due date is Sunday October 6. But, this time of year, when the sand starts to get colder it may take a little longer for them to hatch. Also the turtles may not follow the "rules" of hatching after dark. The HBTP asks beach goers to be aware of this and on the lookout for baby turtles any time of day. If you see any turtles on the beach, please call our pager number...put in your phone number--include area code---and wait for a Turtle Patrol member to call you back. This is why Holden Beach is a Turtle Sanctuary...working together we can all help our sea turtles. Thank you.

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