Down to Two Nests

posted: November 1, 2013, 4:12 PM

Yes, we are still watching two nests on Holden Beach. Yes, it is November. Yes, this is unusual...but it is not unheard of.
We have had nests hatch in November other years---especially back in 1998 --the last time we had 73 nests in a season.The big concern with babies this late in the season is cold-stun.
Nest # 70 closed this past Sunday (on day 75) with a total of 60 babies into the ocean.

Nest #71 is on day 73 and nest #72 is on day 71....we are not permitted to dig into the nest to see their status until at least day 80. Obviously, it just takes longer this late in the season.
Dedicated HBTP members are out there every night watching these nests. The photos are of the team that has been watching nest #71--including some very dedicated vacationers and locals! Thanks to everyone!

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