Pick up your stuff!

posted: June 1, 2014, 5:42 PM

A friendly reminder to remove all your personal items from the beach. It is a regulation on Holden Beach that all items must be removed from the beach each day by 6 p.m. or when you are finished using them. While this looks like a neat pile and the tent cover has been taken off it does not comply with regulations. Also, while it is fun to dig deep holes in the sand, please fill them in each evening when you leave the beach. Both of these practices may seem trivial to beach goers, they are hazards to our ATV drivers in the morning, especially when it is still dark. Not only that, but a mother turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs may hit these items or get entrapped in the hole and decide not to lay her eggs here. She may never lay these eggs and we will have lost an entire nest full of eggs...just because she ran into a hole or a tent post. Remember, we are a turtle sanctuary, help us keep this a safe place for the turtles. Thanks.

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