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posted: September 11, 2014, 6:18 AM

Matthew H. Godfrey, PhD , Biologist, NC Wildlife Resources Commission with the Sea Turtle Project said in a recent email...

"The sea turtle nesting season in North Carolina officially ended on 31 August, but we might still get a few late nests (for instance, on Saturday, a green turtle nest was laid in Cape Hatteras). To date, there have been 538 loggerhead nests, 11 green turtle nests and one Kemp’s ridley nest laid in NC in 2014. The loggerhead total is roughly 30% below our 15 year annual average (750 nests), and within the normal range of fluctuation in annual numbers that normally occur in sea turtle nesting populations.

Although nesting is largely over, hatchling emergences continue under the watchful eyes of hundreds of volunteers statewide."

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