It's almost Turtle Time!

posted: April 11, 2015, 3:26 PM

When the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol holds their annual meeting, we know it's almost time for the mother sea turtles to return to Holden Beach. The "official" beginning was the gathering of Turtle Patrol members on Saturday April 11, 2015.
Officers elected for the year were Tony Marwitz (President), Nan Rex (Secretary) and Dave Lurix (Treasurer).
Pat Cusack is the new Project Coordinator holding our permit from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.
The new T-shirts were revealed to members and will be on sale at Days at the Dock in Holden Beach on April 25. The shirts are always for sale at the Lighthouse Gift Shop.

Members of the Turtle Patrol will begin early morning patrols on the beach on May 1. The "real" beginning of the season will be when they spot the first turtle tracks in the sand.

Shown in #1 photo L-R Dave Lurix, Nan Rex, Tony Marwitx, Maggie Seekamp (showing this year's shirt) and Pat Cusack.
#2 photo--Maggie Seekamp (the morning call coordinator--in this year's shirt) and Pat Cusack, Project Coordinator

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