Turtle Talk This Week!

posted: June 1, 2015, 3:23 PM

The first Turtle Talk of the 2015 season is this week--Wednesday June 3.
It will be a the Holden Beach Town Hall @ 7 p.m.
See you there!
There has been some increased interest about our turtles because the teams have been out several mornings. We're now up to 6 nests and 8 false crawls.False crawl #4 on May 23 the mother turtle came ashore twice, but it doesn't appear she laid her eggs. False crawl #5 was on Sunday 5/31 it looks like she came ashore and then went right back into the water--wonder if something frightened her? Also on Sunday, False crawl #7---looked like a nest, but the team dug and dug and couldn't find the eggs---either the mother did a great job of hiding the eggs or she really didn't lay them.
Nest #4 had 98 eggs and Nests #5 and #6 both had 117 eggs---they were moved by the morning team.

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