Nesting slowing in August

posted: August 6, 2015, 2:08 PM

As expected, the number of new nests being laid is tapering off as the we move into August. However, there's still a lot of activity on the beach. Ten of our 53 nests have hatched with a total of 865 known hatchlings to the ocean. Two nests hatched or "boiled" without any witnesses so the number of hatchlings from those nests is unknown. Three nights following the boil, each nest is excavated and inventoried, a process known as the closeout. It's not uncommon to find a live hatchling or two still in the nest as seen in these photos. The hatchlings are then placed into the trench so they can crawl to the ocean."

These photos are from the closing of nest 7. The team found and release 16 live hatchlings in this nest.

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