Nesting Season is here!

posted: April 28, 2016, 10:50 AM

Remember it is turtle nesting season. The water temperatures at Holden Beach are going up, which hopefully means we’ll see momma turtles on our beach soon. Our riders will be starting their morning patrols early next week looking for marks in the sand (called crawls) left by mother turtles laying their nests. If you live or are renting on Holden Beach, please remember to turn off outside lights that face the beach including carport lights and shield indoor lights from shining directly onto the beach by closing the drapes at night. Lights disturb nesting sea turtles. Remember Turtles Dig the Dark! Also, please remember to fill in any holes you dig on the beach before evening-- mother turtles can fall into them and get stuck. For the past three years first nests on Holden Beach were laid on May 20 (this is pure coincidence ---- or perhaps "turtle magic"), Want to guess when the first nest is laid this year?

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