Turtle Release

posted: June 4, 2016, 10:52 AM

One of the goals of the HBTP is to help sick and injured sea turtles found on or near Holden Beach. We have a stranding team that is on duty 24/7. We encourage anyone who sees a sick or injured sea turtle to please call our "turtle emergency" number. Frequently these stranded turtles are taken to the Karen Beasley Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center near Topsail Beach in NC. http://www.seaturtlehospital.org/

The Turtle Hospital offers tours during the summer months and it is a great opportunity to see live sea turtles and observe the good works of the hospital and their volunteers. It's a nice day trip for visitors to Holden Beach. Several of our Turtle Patrol members also volunteer at the Turtle Hospital. Yeah!

Earlier this week (June 1) the hospital released 14 of their former "patients" back into the ocean. None of those released this time were originally from Holden Beach, but several of our volunteer members were on-hand to say good bye and wish these turtles well. Watch the turtle hospital's webpage and Facebook page for updates on other releases this summer.

Pictured below are Nan and Steve----volunteers for both the HBTP and the KBTRRC

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