Busy Night on the Beach

posted: August 22, 2016, 8:24 PM

Monday night was quite a busy night on Holden Beach. Two nests were closed out and two were "collared" or set up for hatching.
Nest 29 boiled on day 53 wth 94 hatchlings. Additional hatchlings emerged on each of the subsequent three nights and 4 babies were found deep in the nest when it was excavated Monday night. Nest 32 boiled on day 50 with 77 hatchlings. Six additional babies were found at the closeout.
Two new nests, 36 and 37, were set up for hatching Monday night but rather than on the typical day 50, they were set up on day 47 because they both had depressions! Both boiled that night as well as nest 35 - all on day 47!!

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