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posted: February 17, 2017, 8:10 AM

“Redmond Ruckus”....Austin, Miller, and Josie’s families have a longtime relationship with Holden Beach, dating back to the 60’s. When these youngsters and their families are here they attend Turtle Talks and enjoy Holden Beach to the maximum. Last summer they were fortunate and excited to have witnessed dozens of sea turtle hatchlings slip out of the sand to their first scent of the water. They watched as these baby sea turtles, their tiny flippers propelling them across the sand, made their way to vast new adventures in the ocean, their home.
Austin, Miller, and Josie are siblings whose birthdays are very close together. For the past three years they have had one huge birthday celebration which they dubbed the “Redmond Ruckus”. In lieu of gifts, they came up with ways to help others. They collected books for their local library, canned goods for their school’s food drive, and this year held a fund raiser change drive to benefit the Sea Turtles who come to Holden Beach.
These industrious children made a large information board with sea turtle information and statistics, and they made donation banks to place about at their gathering. About fifty kids at the “Redmond Ruckus” deposited their coins and paper money in the homemade banks.
Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program is very appreciative to Austin, Miller, and Josie for their donation of $215 to help us help the Sea Turtles who visit Holden Beach.

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