Nest Update

posted: July 4, 2017, 12:48 PM

As of this morning Holden Beach has 28 turtle nests! One new nest ( #28) was laid last night and the team moved 132 eggs this morning. The stranding team had an interesting night this past Saturday. They received a call from a vacationer that found what they thought were turtle egg shells on the beach. (Thank you to this caller!) It’s too early for one of our nests to hatch and we didn’t know of a nest located at that site. What we think happened was on May 25 the morning rider found tracks made by a mother turtle at that location. The team went out and searched and searched for the eggs, but couldn’t find any. So it was labeled false crawl # 7. But the morning riders were keeping an eye on the area...everyone felt they should have found eggs there. It was very windy on the beach Saturday and with lots of windswept sand. Sadly what the stranding team found were a broken shells and what appears to be a nest that had been uncovered. So this is now nest #27. If it really is the nest that the team couldn’t find, it should have hatchlings in about 2 weeks.

A reminder that loud noises an bright lights can scare mother turtles that are looking to come ashore to lay their eggs. Not only are fireworks illegal on our beach they may frighten the turtles.

Last week we had a large crowd at Turtle Talk and had to turn some people away due to lack of space. Plan to arrive early as it may be even more crowded this week.

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