Busy Time of Year

posted: July 11, 2017, 7:28 PM

Nesting, Hatching and Turtle TIme:
We currently have 35 nests on the beach along with 2267 known eggs (we say known eggs because we haven’t moved all the nests this year, so we haven’t counted all the eggs.) We’ve also had 51 False Crawls—where mother turtles have come onto the beach but not laid the eggs. There are still several weeks left in the nesting season so these numbers will go up!
Our first nests of the season are now at least 50 days old and have been prepared for hatching. Black plastic landscape material is placed in the form of a "collar" around each nest on day 50 indicating the nest is within the hatching range of 50-80 days. In addition, a trench is dug to help direct the baby turtles to the ocean. The most frequently asked question is: When are the babies coming? Baby turtles are like human babies: they come when they're ready and often when no one is around!
Finally, Turtle Talk is presented every Wednesday at 7pm at Town Hall through the end of August.
Lots of turtle activity on Holden Beach!

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