Constantly Changing!

posted: August 1, 2017, 1:46 PM

Well, another eventful week for the Turtle Patrol. The counts of nests, false crawls, eggs and hatchlings is constantly changing. We are up to 44 nests and 66 (minus 2) false crawls. Hmm you ask, how can we be minus 2 false crawls. Well 2 of our false crawls turned out to be nests. Our riders found turtle tracks in the morning where we didn’t know there were nests. You may ask how can this happen....the mamas really hid them well! In both cases we had teams out looking for these eggs, but didn’t find them. The morning riders keep an extra special eye out at some of these locations---when the mother turtle out smarts us! Well two false crawls (now nests) boiled this past week. One was closed last night---they found shells from 155 hatchlings!

We’ve had 10 nests hatch so far with eight having been ‘closed out’. Right now there are 10 “active” nests on the beach with teams watching them each night---this number changes almost daily as new nests are collared and others hatch and close.

Our latest nest was found Saturday morning. This means that nesting season is still here! A great time to be at Holden Beach---both mommas and babies.

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