Beach Babies

posted: August 3, 2017, 4:45 PM

Visitors called our stranding team at 3 a.m. this morning. The team found nest #45! It was moved into a safer location.

Other vacationers called the nest team late last night when they saw nest #16 hatching. A turtle hunt ensued. (It was a busy night for turtle people!)

The night before another group of beach walkers saw an unattended nest boiling and called the stranding team and alerted Turtle Patrol members at a near-by nest. These turtles were actively walking around the dunes and beach. Another turtle hunt ensued and 50+ babies were directed to the ocean.

What can you do if you see babies on the beach? These are recommendations for Holden Beach ONLY from the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol.

#1 Call the stranding team @ 910 754 0766. Before you call, look for an address on a house nearby or a public beach access to tell the team where the turtle(s) are located. Wait for Turtle Patrol members to arrive.
#2 Be careful where you walk since the babies can be difficult to see. Shuffle your feet in the sand to prevent stepping on a hatchling. You may need to just stand still and watch.
#3 If no Turtle Patrol member is present, count the # of babies that you see and watch the direction in which they walk----hopefully they are heading to the ocean.
#4 Don't touch the turtles.
#5 Don't take flash photos.
#6 Don't shine a light on them.

Remember...if you see a turtle on the beach...a mother, a baby or a turtle that looks like it might be sick or injured call the HBTP stranding team @ 910 754 0766.

Thanks to the vacationers who are being extra eyes on the beach and calling us when they see turtles. It's an exciting time to be on the beach!

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