And then there was oneā€¦.

posted: October 6, 2017, 9:25 AM

There just one remaining active turtle nest on Holden Beach. The last one for this year! :(

Nest 45 closed last night when 12 hatchlings walked the trench to the delight of the wonderful crowd and the team.

Our last nest is #46. It was laid on August 6. That makes this 61 days, so we should be expecting some "action" anytime. As the days and evenings get colder it takes longer for these later nests to hatch. A team is watching it each day. Today's morning rider said it was still flat with no signs of a depression.

Teams have been watching nest #42 for several weeks and seeing no turtle activity. This nest was laid on July 27 and had 112 eggs moved. Sadly, nest # 42 was among several that had been washed over many times this summer with the high tides and tropical storms. As feared, when the team inventoried they did not find any viable eggs or hatchlings. :(

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