Final thoughts....and numbers

posted: October 23, 2017, 10:19 PM

The 2017 turtle season on Holden Beach officially ended on Monday, October 16 when nest 46 was inventoried and 8 hatchlings made the march to the ocean. Final numbers for the season include:
50 nests
63 false crawls
5123 eggs
4230 hatchlings to the ocean

Unfortunately, 8 nests this season had no hatched eggs. Five nests at the end of the season sustained repeated over washes from extremely high tides which may explain the lack of success.

Nesting and hatching activity is always the primary focus for all of us but the Turtle Patrol also appreciates the 1571 people who attended Turtle Talk this summer!

The Patrol thanks all the residents and visitors who support our program through the purchasing our annual shirt and hat, attending turtle talk, visiting our website, watching for nesting mothers and hatching babies, cleaning up the beach, filling in holes on the beach and your enthusiasm at each and every nest!

We look forward to seeing you next May when we expect our first nest of the 2018 season.

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