First Boil of the Season

posted: July 13, 2018, 4:41 PM

Nest 1 boiled Wednesday evening on day 52 with 52 hatchlings! A 5 inch depression was noted Wednesday morning so the adoption team was at the ready that evening. The depression is a drop of the sand in the center of the nest signaling hatching beneath the sand. The team witnessed the boil and captured pictures of the first hatchling emerging from the sand as well as the entire boil. They used the "counting cage" as the hatchlings emerged during the boil. The total number of eggs in the nest is not known because the nest was left in place where the mother turtle laid it. The total egg count will be calculated when the nest is inventoried on the third day after the boil.

Two more nests were found this morning so the mother turtles aren't finished laying yet! Our total nest count is now 25.

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