More surprises!

posted: August 20, 2018, 1:27 PM

This has been a week of surprises for the Turtle Patrol.

It’s been more than two week since we found the last momma turtle turtle tracks on Holden Beach, so sadly the HBTP has declared the nesting season over for this year.

After the "wild nest" # 30 early last week....the surprises continued. On Thursday our stranding team received a call around 7:10 AM about hatchlings on the beach. These hatchlings may have come from FC#14 on June 19. There were many faint tracks in the sea grass. This second mystery/wild nest could be # 31. Since they haven’t found the actual nest, yet, we haven’t been able to count egg shells.

We’re more half-way through the hatching season with 13 nests yet to go. (Nest #15 hatched last night with 89 hatchlings into the water. The last nest that we know about (#29) was laid on July 22. This makes it’s due date around September 15. This will be an early season ending for Holden Beach.

Don’t forget....still two more weeks of Turtle Talk on Wednesday evenings.

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