Six nests left on the beach

posted: September 6, 2018, 5:03 PM

Three nests boiled Sunday night. This is a photo of nest #23 Monday morning. Note all the large canine tracks (foxes? dogs?)along with the little baby turtle tracks inside the collar and on in the trench. Fortunately the fox cage over the nest did keep the eggs from being dug up by this canine. The babies hatched overnight, after the Turtle Patrol left for the evening, and we don’t know if the canine came before, during the boil or after. Lots of crab tracks were found too. These are three natural predators of turtles. These nests have all been closed or evacuated and the egg shells counted. Nest 21 found 21 hatchlings when they dug in and nest 23 had 6. There are now just six nests left out of our 30 on our beach. We’ve have over 2200 hatchlings so far this year.

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