Turtle Sanctuary

posted: June 3, 2019, 3:05 PM

Holden Beach is proud to be a Turtle Sanctuary. It takes everyone's cooperation to make our beach a safe place for the sea turtles. Please remember that you can help by:
*Turning all ocean facing lights off at night. Lights can frighten or misdirect the turtles.
*Picking up trash on the beach so the turtles won't mistakenly eat it.
*Filling in any holes that you did before leaving the beach each day. Turtles can get trapped in them.
*Enjoying the beach at night without flashlights. If you must use a light for safety make sure it has a red light or is covered with a red cloth.
*Taking all equipment from the beach each evening. Turtles can get trapped or will bump into items and leave the beach without laying eggs.
* Calling the Turtle Patrol's emergency number (910-754-0766) if you see a turtle on the beach. Do not touch or disturb this turtle. Do not take flash photos.

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