Another Turtle Tuesday

posted: July 23, 2019, 9:17 AM

Three more new nests on another "Turtle Tuesday"! The nesting pattern has definitely slowed over the past two weeks, but this Tuesday morning followed the pattern established early in the season as the day of the week with the most crawls and nests. And, the morning ATV rider was lucky enough to see one of the mothers nesitng as the sun rose on the beach.

In addition to new nests being laid, Turtle Patrol members are busy watching nests in the hatching window and closing out nests that have boiled or hatched. This past Saturday several nests were closed including two nests located side by side. Sixteen hatchlings were released from nest 9 and two from nest 11.

Want to learn more about sea turtles? Join us tomorrow for (Wednesday) Children's Turtle Time at 4pm and Turtle Talk at 7pm both at Town Hall.

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