More turtle nests

posted: May 21, 2020, 11:41 AM

As of this morning (Thursday May 21) we have four sea turtle nests on Holden Beach. All of these have been located, marked and left where the mother turtle laid them---natural nests.

We also have had three "false crawls". A false crawl is when the mother comes up on the beach but doesn't lay a nest. It's impossible to know the exact reason why she does this, but it is possible the mother was startled during the nesting process or she changed her mind about the location. The patrol keeps an eye on the false crawl locations in the event the mother turtle fooled the morning teams and carefully hid her eggs.

If you see a mother turtle on the beach please take care not to make loud noises, don't attempt to touch her and don't take flash photos --all of these actions can startle the turtle and she may leave the beach. She may try to come back the next night or go to another beach or maybe these eggs will be lost.

Turtle Talk---we currently do not know the status of our Turtle Talk or our Children's Turtle Time educational programs this summer. We may know more as we move into Phase 3 of North Carolina's COVID-19 Safer at Home plan.

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