Turtle Talk and Children's Turtle Time during COVID-10

posted: June 3, 2020, 11:20 AM

Our weekly educational programs --Turtle Talk ---which are usually held each Wednesday evening throughout the summer are NOT going to happen....at least not until further notice. Right now according the the Phase 2 COVID-19 recommendations there should not be any indoor group meetings of more than 10 people. Also, the Town Hall Assembly Room is not open and available for any meetings. As we move into Phase 3 later this summer we MAY be able to do something.

However, Children's Turtle Time will NOT be held this summer.

But....the good news....no one told the sea turtles they couldn't come to our beach. As of this morning (June 3) we have 15 nests and 8 false crawls (FC).

How does that compare to last year? On June 1, 2019 we had 23 nests and 21 FC. Last year was a record breaking year for Holden Beach.

Photos are from nest #12 on June 2 when 150 eggs were moved.

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