Happy 4th of July

posted: July 4, 2020, 12:27 PM

Our morning rider today found two "false crawls" on this holiday morning. A false crawl is when a mother turtle comes onto the beach but does not dig a nest or deposit eggs. The rider reports seeing a mother heading back into the water at sunrise, it appears she was frightened by people and dogs on the beach and did not dig a nest. Hopefully she'll come back tonight --she may possibly go to another beach---and this batch of eggs will not be lost. Please remember that loud noises and bright lights can disorient a mother turtle when the come on shore. Fireworks on the beach can frighten a mother turtle.

As of this morning there are 42 nests and 42 false crawls on our beach. Having an equal number of nests to false crawls is normal. Last year on this date we had 78 nests and 78 false crawls. (This was record breaking year for us!)

Have a happy and safe holiday and when remember that "social distancing" with a turtle on the beach should be much more than six feet. Stay back and enjoy, stay quiet, control your pets and please don't take flash photos.

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