Midnight Walk on Holden Beach

posted: July 10, 2020, 10:51 AM

Last Sunday our stranding team was called out about midnight for a momma on the beach. They took this spectacular photo....by moonlight. Please remember if you see a turtle on the beach to call the stranding team at 910 754 0766. Also, please do not shine a flashlight or take flash photos of the mother turtle—this may frighten her and cause her to leave the beach without laying her eggs.

As of this morning there were 51 turtle nests and 51 false crawls on Holden Beach. Potentially the nesting season could go on for four or five more weeks. Compare this to last year on July 8 we had 72 nests and 83 false crawls. Prior to last year’s record breaking season, the largest number of nests in a year was 73 (in 1998 and 2013). We could possibly reach that many this year.

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