Busy Friday Night

posted: August 5, 2020, 11:33 AM

Five nests boiled Friday night (7/31/20) and 76 hatchlings were released during 2 nest closings.

Because of the impending storm, Isaias, nests that are currently due to be collared (prepared for hatching) will be delayed until after the storm. Once conditions are safe, all of the nests will be evaluated and repaired if necessary. The main threat to the nests is water: typically, the nests can tolerate 1-2 over washes but ponding/ standing water can threaten the nests in two ways. First, younger nests can become moldy preventing hatchling development; and, second, baby turtles that are in the process of hatching and climbing to the surface of the nests can drown. Hopefully, Isaias will pass quickly and everyone will remain safe!

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