More Surprises

posted: September 2, 2020, 6:39 PM

The last two known nests that survived Hurricane Isaias boiled and were recently closed. But, that’s not the last from the nests laid on Holden Beach! Nest 45 was rediscovered one morning when an egg shell brought to the top of the nest by a crab was noted by the morning rider. Patrol members dug down about a foot and found the nest plate that was placed the day the nest was laid. The nest adoption team arrived at the beach that evening to prepare the nest for hatching when they were surprised with a boil! The team watched 42 hatchlings march down the newly formed trench to the water. 7 more hatchlings were released when the nest was closed 3 nights later.

But, that wasn’t the only surprise: nest 49 (originally thought to be lost) also boiled but wasn’t witnessed so the number of hatchlings isn’t known. And, two false crawls became nests 64 and 65! Nest 64 boiled with 46 hatchlings and nest 65 was identified by crabs bringing eggshells to the surface. So, patrol members will continue to monitor nest 65 and watch for more welcome surprises!!

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