Still hopeful

posted: September 21, 2020, 1:29 PM

Beach walkers and also the morning riders have been on the alert for signs of the lost turtle nests. This past week several pieces of equipment from nests that were lost during the hurricane have been found. Also predators such as fox and crabs have been digging up eggs. Twice when eggs were found on the beach HBTP members went out searching and digging with hope to find one of the lost nests. One team dug for 90 minutes and found the hurricane stake, 1 hatched egg and 2 egg shells. However, the nest is truly lost. Another day a team went looking for a different nest that was thought lost. They did find the nest, but the eggs were damaged and not in any condition to survive. The good news is that there is one last known nest on the beach and it is due to hatch this week. Team will be watching each evening and giving this nest as much of a chance as possible.

Also, this year's Turtle Patrol's T-shirt is still available for purchase at Lighthouse Gifts on the causeway and by mail (see bottom of the front page of the website for details on how to do this--email first because sizes are limited.) The annual T-shirt sales is the HBTP major fund raising effort each year. We appreciate your support.

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