Turtle Season is Over for 2020

posted: September 25, 2020, 11:31 AM

The HBTP has declared the turtle season on Holden Beach officially over. The last known viable nest (#65) closed this past Wednesday night. (9/23) . They had 7 babies march into the water that evening....these are really “survivors”. The patrol will no longer have volunteers riding the beach in the mornings.

This was a difficult year for our turtle patrol. Sixty-five nests would be considered an “good” to “above average” year for Holden Beach, but sadly many were destroyed during the hurricane in early August. The HBTP will post the official statistics on their web site showing the actual number of known eggs and hatchlings that went into the ocean.

There are limited numbers of the 2020 HBTP shirt on sale at Lighthouse Gifts on the causeway. There are still many children sizes, 2 XL and 3XL adults and a few hats available.

The HBTP appreciates the interest and support that they’ve received from visitors and locals during this past summer.

Photo was taken my our morning rider on Thursday September 24. Our last morning on the beach this summer.

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