Turtle Talk Information

posted: May 25, 2021, 5:57 PM

Our 2021 sea turtle season is off to an amazing start. We have a total of 4 nests so far! The ATV riders are searching the beach each morning bright and early looking to spy turtle tracks, and Turtle Patrol members are ready for that morning call! Our weekly Wednesday informative Turtle Talks at Town Hall would have started June 2, however, due to continued COVID-19 restrictions at Holden Beach Town Hall, the start will be delayed. Hopefully, as the summer progresses, Turtle Talks will resume. We are planning to schedule our Children's Turtle Time at the outside pavilion starting later in June. Stay tuned for any detail or changes. Please be respectful of the beautiful turtles that nest on our beach and if you are lucky enough to find a mother laying a nest, or a stranded or injured sea turtle please call 910-754-0766. Always remember, Sea Turtles Dig the Dark!

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