Momma Loggerhead Laying Eggs

posted: June 8, 2021, 9:38 PM

Watching a female Loggerhead turtle laying her eggs is an event to remember. This week our early morning ATV rider was lucky enough to witness the amazing occurrence and capture a photo as well. Our morning riders are just the best!! Here are some interesting facts about momma Loggerheads:
• Because of DNA studies that we are a part of at the University of Georgia, we know that the mommas come back to an "area" that can be as large as 300 miles wide to lay their eggs.
• A momma turtle leaves a track in the sand called a crawl.
• Once she begins the process of laying eggs it appears she is in a trance-like state for about 30 minutes.
• Momma Loggerheads lay an average of 120 eggs every 12-13 days. They average 3 nests each year. Most mommas take a year or two off after laying eggs.
• After she lays her eggs she returns to the ocean and she does not come back to see the babies.
• Female Loggerheads begin laying eggs when they are 30-35 years old and have been known to nest until they are in their 80's.

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