Wild Nest

posted: August 1, 2021, 3:43 PM

This past Friday our early morning rider found a Wild Nest. This is a nest that hatched on the beach....and we didn't know it was there. He found the tracks of hatchlings headed to the water. Luckily this nest was on the far west end of the beach where there are less people and lights to distract the hatchlings.

Actually we did know that this mother turtle came ashore on May 29 when the morning rider saw her tracks on the beach. At the time the team couldn't find eggs so we called it False Crawl #3. There may be other "wild nests" out there that we don't know about. Those mother turtles are very good at hiding their eggs.

We had 30 nest laid during the month of July...bringing our total to 67 (counting the wild nest) and 38 (minus the wild nest). We likely have at least two more weeks in the nesting season.

There is action on the beach in the evening, too. Our adoption teams have been out throughout the month of July with more nests being watched each day. We've had seven nests boil (counting the wild nest) so far...so just starting the hatching season.

This will be the last week for Children's Turtle Time and Turtle Talk for the season.

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