Still nests to hatch

posted: September 6, 2021, 12:01 PM

We had another wild nest surprise Saturday night.
What we thought it was a false crawl turned out to be a nest. Vacationers called the stranding team where they saw babies on the beach. The next morning a team found the nest with 122 empty shells and 10 unhatched eggs. This brings our nest count up to 168 for the season.

These photos are of nest #51 closed on Saturday night. A small holiday crowd cheered two hatchlings into the water. During the inventory the team found 76 empty shells and 19 unhatched eggs. This nest had "boiled" three nights earlier.

There are teams on the beach each night. We have approximately (this number changes every day due to overnight activity) 15 nests left to hatch for the season.

If you see Turtle Patrol members on the beach stop by to visit. It is still very important to keep ocean facing lights off at night. Lights can be draw hatchlings into the dunes and possibly up into carports, driveways and the street instead of heading into the ocean.

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