Storm Update

posted: September 3, 2023, 4:36 PM

We quickly went from an abundance of nests and hatchlings to a quiet time for us to reflect on the busy season. Our teams have been out since Friday morning (September 1) evaluating the status of the sea turtle nests on our beach. The King tides, offshore hurricane Franklin and Tropical Storm Idalia combined for a difficult week. We lost at least 10 nests to wind, rain and high tides. There are still seven nests on the beach that are viable, and we hope will have happy endings.

Several nests did hatch early last week before the storms arrived. Vacationers reported seeing one nest hatch at the beginning of the storm Wednesday evening during a tornado watch.

Sadly, this is typical this time of year. Adoption teams will continue to be on the beach as they prepare the remaining nests for hatching and watch them in the evenings.

Sunrise photo taken Wednesday August 30 by morning rider.

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