The 2024 Sea Turtle Season has Started

posted: May 1, 2024, 6:36 PM

Officially the sea turtle season on Holden Beach is May 1 through October 31, but this year the turtles appear to be anxious to get it started!

Last week on April 23 we had our first false crawl of the season. The stranding phone got a call (thank you) that a turtle was seen on the beach on the east end of the island. The momma did not lay her maybe she'll be back soon.

In our region (NC, SC and GA) the first official nest was laid on April 29 south of Myrtle Beach.

So, we're getting an early start. Our riders began their early morning searches for crawls this morning. Please be aware that it is turtle season. It's time to turn off those ocean front lights. If you see a momma turtle on the beach give our stranding team a call.

Photo is of the April 23 false crawl.

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