2015 Nest #8

Early morning on June 6 the ATV rider found a 40" crawl @ 130 Ocean Boulevard East. The mother came in at almost high tide so part of her crawl was washed away. She laid 125 eggs and one small "spacer" egg. The morning team quickly found the eggs and moved them because the mother's nest was too close to the high tide line. The "adoption team" will start watching this nest in early August.

Update: this nest was collared early---on day 44---because there was and early depression. The depression continued to grow every night until the nest hatched on day 51 ---this is really early, but perhaps due to the heat! There were 86 babies in the boil at 10 p.m.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view of the photo.

The mother's crawl after she laid the eggs...heading back into the ocean.

The mother's entry crawl, washed away by the high tide.

Safely placing the eggs into the cooler.

Small "spacer" egg..there was no yolk in this egg.

Taking the eggs to a new safer location.

Digging a new nest to match the mother's.

Carefully placing the eggs in the new nest.

Nest sign in place.

Our job is done for now! Come back in 50 days.

Depression on day 45--during a rain storm.

Depression on day #46---before the boil.

After the boil. Still a little depression on day 53.

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