A New Shirt Every Year! Collect them all!

Each year the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol develops a special shirt for sale. These are limited edition shirts and only available during that year. The sale of the T-shirts is the patrol's major fund raising effort. The shirts are for sale at the Children's Turtle Time and Turtle Talk during the summer and at the Lighthouse Gift Shop on the causeway while supplies last. If you have a shirt from another year that we don't have pictured here let us know, send us a photo and we'll get it in the archive. Thanks for your support by purchasing the annual T-shirt.

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1999 10th year



2002 Turtle Shirt

2002 shirt front

2003 Circle of Life

2004 T-Shirt Design

Front 2004

Back of shirt 2004

2005 Help us save them!

2006 Saving a species one turtle at a time

2007 T-Shirt Design

2007 front

2007 sleeve

2008 T-Shirt Design (back)

2008 T-Shirt Design (front)

2009 T-Shirt Design

2010 A moonlight swim on Holden Beach

2011 shirt Holden Beach Babies

2012 HB Turtle Shirt

2013 Turtle Shirt

2013 Limited Edition HB Turtle Hat

HB Turtle Patrol year?

2014 25th anniversary shirt

2015 The journey begins on Holden Beach

2016 Babies

2016 Shirt


2018 Turtle Shirt

2019 Shirt back...The Ocean is Calling

2019 Shirt front HBTP logo



2022 Shirt featuring the Kemp's Ridley

2023 Our Journey Begins

2024 Shirt front

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